Ethical code

The Four Seasons Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of our corporate values, offering clear guidance on behavior and integrity for all members of the organization.

This foundational document outlines the ethical principles and behavioral expectations that define our corporate culture, ensuring that every decision and action reflects our commitment to excellence, respect and social responsibility.

By downloading our Code of Ethics, you will have the opportunity to understand in depth how we are committed to maintaining high standards in our daily work, promoting an ethical, transparent and supportive work environment for all.

Policies for gender equality

Four Seasons’ Gender Equality Policy is a tangible company commitment to promoting an inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory work environment.

Through this document, we outline the principles and actions that guide our dedication to ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender. The policy aims to eliminate barriers that prevent full gender equality, supporting professional development, mutual respect and fair representation in decision-making roles.

By downloading our Gender Equality Policies, you will discover how we are actively committed to creating a work environment that values and celebrates diversity.

Harassment and abuse reporting procedure

The Four Seasons Harassment and Abuse Reporting Procedure is an essential mechanism that allows employees and contractors to safely and confidentially report any behavior that violates our standards of respect and integrity in the workplace.

This document sets out clear guidelines on how to report incidents of harassment or abuse, ensuring that every report is treated with the utmost seriousness and discretion.

By downloading this procedure, you will have access to all the information necessary to understand how the company protects its members, promoting a safe and respectful working environment for everyone.